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Welcome to our Open Access Library, a vast collection of resources that support both student learning and staff research. Open Access Library content is free and open to the general public. The following is a list of on-line books and journals that are available for download or to read on-line:

1 | Advances in Civil Engineering


Advances in Civil Engineering is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of civil engineering. The journal welcomes submissions across a range of disciplines, and publishes both theoretical and practical studies. Contributions from academia and from industry are equally encouraged.


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2 | British and Irish Legal Information Institute


Welcome to BAILII, where you can find British and Irish case law & legislation, European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related British and Irish material. BAILII thanks The Scottish Council of Law Reporting for their assistance in establishing the Historic Scottish Law Reports project. For more information.


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3 | British Library for Development Studies Digital Library


Full-text copies of developing country research from the shelves of the British Library for Development Studies(BLDS). These publications have been made available online to a global audience through partnership agreements between BLDS and research institutes in Africa and Asia.


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4 | Commonwealth Legal Information Institute


The Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) aims to provide one central Internet location from which it is possible to search - for free - core legal information from all Commonwealth countries. CommonLII will provide a common technical platform through which all Commonwealth countries can cooperatively provide access to their laws. CommonLII will assist the development of a genuinely international common law. It will support the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth, by making each country's legal system more transparent. This transparency will also support international trade and investment.


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5 | Academic Journals


Academic Journals, a broad-based open access publisher, was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our functional Journals. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes.


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6 | Aeronautics E-Books


Looking for documents providing history and context for the work done in aeronautics research? Wondering what resources are available for your business in science and technology information?\r\n\r\nThis section provides links to a variety of reference materials related to aeronautics research at NASA.


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7 | Africa Portal Library


A key feature to the Africa Portal is the online library collection holding over 4,000 books, journals, and digital documents related to African policy issues. The entire online repository is open access and available for free full-text download. A portion of the digital documents housed in the library have been digitized for the first time as an undertaking of the Africa Portal project. Facilitating new digitization projects is a core feature of the Africa Portal, which aims to improve access and visibility for African policy research.


Resource ID #5a57b206a7f02 General E-Journals

8 | Africa Portal Library


The Africa Portal is an online resource that seeks to broaden the availability, accessibility and use of policy research on issues critical to the future of Africa. It is a collaborative project between the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). The Africa Portal offers a range of features including a Digital Library and an Experts Directory. The library holds over 5000 digital documents including research reports, occasional papers and policy briefs. The entire repository is open access, equipped with a sophisticated search function and available for free, full-text download. The material for the library has been provided by Content Partners of the Africa Portal who benefit from wider dissemination of their research to a global community.


Resource ID #5a57b206b6fb4 General E-Books

9 | African Journals OnLine (AJOL)


AJOL is a database of journals published in Africa, covering the full range of academic disciplines. The objective of AJOL is to give greater visibility to the participating journals, and to the research they convey by providing access to tables of contents and abstracts on the Internet, links to full text (if available) plus document delivery of paper articles, which is subsidised to developing countries. Journals are included on the basis of their quality of content and proven record of regular publication.


Resource ID #5a57b206c407f General E-Journals

10 | Agricultural Journals and Research Methodologies


The following list is indicative of some of the existing websites containing journal articles, case studies and research methodologies relevant to the Agricultural industry.


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11 | Agriculture OER Repositories


A List of existing Agriculture OER repositories, It includes journals such as Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,AgEcon Search, Global Agricultural Research Archive, MIT Open Courseware in Economics, The Rice Knowledge (RKB) and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) among others.


Resource ID #5a57b206bd7b8 General E-Books

12 | Archives of Civil Engineering


ARCHIVES OF CIVIL ENGINEERING publish original papers of the theoretical, experimental, numerical and practical nature in the fields of structural mechanics, soil mechanics and foundations engineering, concrete, metal, timber and composite polymer structures, hydrotechnical structures, roads, railways and bridges, building services, building physics, management in construction, production of construction materials, construction of civil engineering structures, education of civil engineers.


Resource ID #5bd978dea8477 Engineering E-Resources

13 | ArXiv


ArXiv is an Open Archives Initiative (OAI) compliant archive of electronic preprints in physics, mathematics, computer science, and non-linear sciences. arXiv is owned, operated and funded by Cornell University.


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14 | Association of African Universities (AAU)


The Association of African Universities (AAU) is the apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation among institutions of higher education in Africa. It represents the voice of higher education in Africa on regional and international bodies and supports networking by institutions of higher education in teaching, research, information exchange and dissemination. The AAU, whose headquarters is in Accra, Ghana, was founded in Rabat, Morocco on November 12, 1967, following recommendations made at an earlier conference organized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Antananarivo, Madagascar in September 1962 for the formation of such an apex organization.


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15 | Australasian Legal Scholarship Library (AustLII)


AustLII is Australia's most popular online free-access resource for Australian legal information, serving the needs of a multitude of users with over 600,000 hits daily. AustLII is a joint facility of the UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law. AustLII relies on the generosity of its contributors to operate.


Resource ID #5a57b206b12c2 General E-Journals

16 | Bepress Legal Repository


The bepress Legal Repository offers working papers and pre-prints from scholars and professionals at top law schools around the world.


Resource ID #5a57b206b33c0 General E-Journals

17 | British Medical Journal (BMJ)


BMJ Open is an online, open access journal, dedicated to publishing medical research from all disciplines and therapeutic areas. The journal publishes all research study types, from study protocols to phase I trials to meta-analyses, including small, specialist studies, and negative studies. Publishing procedures are built around fully open peer review and continuous publication, publishing research online as soon as the article is ready.\r\n\r\nBMJ Open aims to promote transparency in the publication process by publishing reviewer reports and previous versions of manuscripts as pre-publication histories. Authors are asked to pay article-publishing charges on acceptance; the ability to pay does not influence editorial decisions. All papers are included in PubMed and ISI Current Contents (Web of Science)


Resource ID #5a57b206a9340 General E-Journals

18 | Circulation Online


Sponsored by the American Heart Association. Circulation Online provides access to medical journals that relate to the treatment, and prevention for heart diseases.


Resource ID #5a57b206b0716 General E-Journals

19 | Cochrane Library


The Cochrane Library is a collection of online searchable databases containing high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions.


Resource ID #5a57b206bea49 General E-Books

20 | College Open Textbooks


The College Open Textbooks Collaborative, a collection of twenty-nine educational non-profit and for-profit organizations, affiliated with more than 200 colleges, is focused on driving awareness and adoptions of open textbooks to more than 2000 community and other two-year colleges. This includes providing training for instructors adopting open resources, peer reviews of open textbooks, and mentoring online professional networks that support for authors opening their resources, and other services.


Resource ID #5a57b206c21db General E-Books

21 | Computer, Information Technology e-books


This site lists online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes  available over the Internet. Throughout this site, other terms are used to refer to a book, such as ebook, text, document, monogram or notes.


Resource ID #5bd98b9e35aa5 General E-Books

22 | Designs


Designs is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which provides a unifying research framework for a wide range of engineering designs of disciplines and industrial applications, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, civil engineering, mechatronics, aerospace engineering, bioengineering, energy engineering, industrial engineering and manufacturing systems are of interest.

The primary aim of Designs is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and findings from researchers across different disciplines. The Journal will publish original research papers, research review papers, short communication, book reviews and special issues organized by qualified scientists in their expertise areas. Designs encourages researchers to publish the results of their recent theoretical and experimental developments, as well as novel proposals in as much detail as possible so that results can be reproduced. Therefore, there is no restriction on the length of an article.


Resource ID #5bd9621297943 Engineering E-Resources

23 | Directory of Open Access Books


The primary aim of DOAB is to increase discoverability of Open Access books. Academic publishers are invited to provide metadata of their Open Access books to DOAB. Metadata will be harvestable in order to maximize dissemination, visibility and impact. Aggregators can integrate the records in their commercial services and libraries can integrate the directory into their online catalogues, helping scholars and students to discover the books. The directory is open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in Open Access and should contain as many books as possible, provided that these publications are in Open Access and meet academic standards.


Resource ID #5a57b206b771a General E-Books

24 | Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)


DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ is independent. All funding is via donations, 40% of which comes from sponsors and 60% from members and publisher members. All DOAJ services are free of charge including being indexed in DOAJ.


Resource ID #5a57b206b1895 Engineering E-Resources

25 | Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)


OpenDOAR is a global directory of Open Access repositories and their policies.


Resource ID #5bd96f78c3fc4 General E-Books

26 | DiVA


Centralized archive of a joint group of Scandinavian universities. Includes full-text theses, dissertations and other academic publications.


Resource ID #5a57b206c455d General E-Books

27 | E-Books Directory


E-Books Directory is a daily growing list of freely downloadable ebooks, documents and lecture notes found all over the internet.\r\nYou can submit and promote your own ebooks, add comments on already posted books or just browse through the directory\r\nbelow and download anything you need.


Resource ID #5a57b206bd1f2 General E-Books

28 | Education Research Global Observatory


The Education Research Global Observatory maintains a complete and current directory of open access peer-reviewed journals in education.


Resource ID #5a57b206b0019 General E-Journals

29 | Electronic Journals Library


The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journals Library) offers fast, structured and standardized access to scientific and academic full text journals. At the moment, it contains 51707 titles, among them 6949 online-only journals, covering all subjects. 26738 journals can be read free-of-charge.


Resource ID #5a57b206ae5e0 General E-Journals

30 | Electronic library.


Download books free. Find books and Download books for free.


Resource ID #5a57b206a665c General E-Books

31 | Elsevier Open access journals


All articles in open access journals which are published by Elsevier have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.


Resource ID #5a57b206c519c General E-Journals

32 | ERIC - Education Resources Information Clearinghouse:


ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.


Resource ID #5a57b206ac7f5 General E-Books

33 | Federal Energy regulatory commission eLibrary


Reliable, Efficient and Sustainable Energy documents. Assist learners in obtaining reliable, efficient and sustainable energy resources.


Resource ID #5a57b206b4754 General E-Books

34 | Free e-books Library


BookZZ is one of the largest online libraries in the world. We aim to make literature accessible for everyone. Our site contains over 2 569 000 books.


Resource ID #5a57b206c4a04 General E-Books

35 | General E-Book Library


This is an online digital library of full texts of over2,500,000 scholarly e-books. It is available at many academic libraries and provides a set of online database collections that combine scholarly books from various professional publishers.


Resource ID #5bd992cd7fb01 Engineering E-Resources

36 | HighWire


Hosted by Stanford University, contains articles from a vast range of journals. Many recent articles are free while others are available after 12 months. Find there Journals on computer science, mathematics, engineering, statistics, management, economics and many others


Resource ID #5a57b206ad401 General E-Books

37 | HINARI Access to Research in Health Programme


HINARI Programme set up by WHO together with major publishers, enables low- and middle- income countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature. Up to 14,000 journals (in 30 different languages), up to 33,000 e-books, up to 70 other information resources are now available to health institutions in more than 100 countries, areas and territories benefiting many thousands of health workers and researchers, and in turn, contributing to improve world health.


Resource ID #5a57b206b66a7 General E-Journals

38 | Hindawi Publishing Corporation


Hindawi is a rapidly growing academic publisher with 434 peer-reviewed, open access journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.


Resource ID #5a57b206af13a General E-Journals

39 | Indian Academy of Sciences


The Academy, founded in 1934, aims at promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science in pure and applied branches. Major activities include publication of scientific journals and special volumes, organizing meetings of the Fellowship and discussions on important topics, recognizing scientific talent, improvement of science education, and taking up other issues of concern to the scientific community. More information is available in the Year Book 2015 (PDF file, 1.6 Mbytes) of the Academy.


Resource ID #5a57b206c1aea General E-Journals

40 | Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies (IJCMS)


The Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies (IJCMS) is an online peer review open access journal that publishes high qualitative research paper/article/review in the field of Commerce & Management. The authors can send their papers related to Commerce & Management.


Resource ID #5a57b206ba50e General E-Journals

41 | Indian Journal of Pharmacology


The Indian Journal of Pharmacology (ISSN 0253-7613) is an official organ of the Indian Pharmacological Society. The first issue of the journal came out in 1969 and it was published Bimonthly. In 1997 it became a bimonthly publication. IJP publishes original research articles, reviews, research letters and correspondences.


Resource ID #5a57b206a8dbd General E-Journals

42 | Information Technology and Computer Science Books


Free Computer Books, Free Mathematics Books, Directory of online free computer, programming, engineering, mathematics, technical books, ebooks and lectures


Resource ID #5a57b206c3be0 Engineering E-Resources

43 | Ingenta:


A global research gateway providing a free online search service of published content from reliable research sources. It offers access to nearly 6,000 electronic full-text titles and millions of articles from the world's leading scholarly and professional publications.


Resource ID #5a57b206b1e09 General E-Journals

44 | InTechOpen


Read, download & share more free eBooks and Journals on the following subject areas: Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Health Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


Resource ID #5a57b206aa77d General E-Books

45 | InTechOpen


Read, download & share more free eBooks and Journals on the following subject areas: Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Health Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


Resource ID #5a57b206bf382 General E-Books

46 | Inter-University Council for East Africa


The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) is an institution of the East African Community (EAC) responsible for promoting the strategic and sustainable development of higher education systems and research for supporting East Africa’s socio-economic development and regional integration. Its vision is to become an EAC strategic institution responsible for promoting, developing and coordinating human resources development and research in the region. The headquarters of IUCEA are in Kampala, Uganda. IUCEA operates under an Act enacted by the East African Legislative Assembly in 2009.


Resource ID #5a57b206b4ca3 Important Links

47 | International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (IJSMDO)


The International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization is a peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects related to the simulation and multidisciplinary design optimization. It is devoted to publish original work related to advanced design methodologies, theoretical approaches, contemporary computers and their applications to different fields such as engineering software/hardware developments, science, computing techniques, aerospace, automobile, aeronautic, business, management, manufacturing,... etc. Front-edge research topics related to topology optimization, composite material design, numerical simulation of manufacturing process, advanced optimization algorithms, industrial applications of optimization methods are highly suggested.


Resource ID #5bd9658021124 Engineering E-Resources

48 | International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)


The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering, virtual instrumentation and online simulations. The use of virtual and remote controlled devices and remote laboratories is one of the future trend developments for advanced teleworking/e-working environments.\r\nOnline Engineering is the future trend in engineering and science. It covers working directions such as remote engineering, virtual instrumentation, simulation techniques and others.\r\niJOE is an Open Access Journal. Readers don't have to pay any fee. Only registration is necessary.


Resource ID #5a57b206c0bbc General E-Journals

49 | Joint Research Centre Repository


The JRC Publications Repository is an online service giving access to data about research publications produced by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. This service is established to assist with central storage, management and search to our research publications. Where possible we will endeavour to provide access to a full-text publication.


Resource ID #5a57b206b5c9e General E-Books

50 | Jorum


The UK's largest repository for discovering and sharing Open Educational Resources for HE, FE and Skills.


Resource ID #5a57b206b5750 General E-Books

51 | Journal of Civil Engineering and Science


JCES publishes top-level research articles, reviews, letters, technical reports and short communications in all areas of civil engineering. The topics include structure engineering, geotechnics, construction engineering, engineering mechanics, engineering materials and the history of civil engineering, environmental engineering, hydrotechnical engineering, earthquakes, water resources, hydraulic and hydraulic structures, construction management and material. Contributors can be researchers and practitioners in industry, government and academe.


Resource ID #5bd96695a6534 Engineering E-Resources

52 | Journal of Construction in Developing Countries


The Journal of Construction in Developing Countries (JCDC) is a scholarly peer-reviewed international publication, invaluable to those who are interested in the issues relevant to the built environment of developing countries. The bi-annual journal is published by Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia in cooperation with the working Commission 107 (W107) of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building Construction (CIB). It is building upon the work of the former Journal of Housing Building and Planning by expanding its scope. From the 11th volume onwards, the Journal of Housing Building and Planning is renamed the Journal of Construction in Developing Countries. It is a multi-disciplinary effort involving scientists, professionals and practitioners and it will specifically provide a unifying basis bringing together architects, landscape designers, engineers, project managers, construction managers, quantity surveyors, town planners, sociologists, property managers, facilities managers and designers, among others.


Resource ID #5bd97b8161f6c Engineering E-Resources

53 | Journal of Vector Borne Diseases


National Institute of Malaria Research on behalf of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) publishes the Journal of Vector Borne Diseases. This Journal was earlier published as the Indian Journal of Malariology, a peer reviewed and open access biomedical journal in the field of vector borne diseases. The Journal publishes review articles, original research articles, short research communications, case reports of prime importance, letters to the editor in the field of vector borne diseases and their control. The Journal is published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December in each calendar year. All correspondences regarding submission of manuscripts, subscription, etc. should be addressed to the Editor, Journal of Vector Borne Diseases, National Institute of Malaria Research (ICMR), Sector 8, Dwarka, New Delhi–110077 The Journal of Vector Borne Diseases is indexed by PubMed, Science Citation Index Expanded, Biosis Previews, Biological Abstracts, Zoological Records, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Current R & D Highlights, Industry Highlights, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, Indian Science Abstracts, Protozoological Abstracts, Quarterly Bibliography of Major Tropical Diseases, etc. \r\nImpact Factor (2014-15): 0.81


Resource ID #5a57b206b941c General E-Journals

54 | JSTOR


JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.


Resource ID #5a57b206b7b9a General E-Journals

55 | NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)


Allows users to search the many different abstract and technical report servers maintained by various NASA centers and programs. Specifically, it is a unified interface to many separate WAIS servers.


Resource ID #5a57b206b24d5 General E-Journals

56 | NCBI Bookshelf


Bookshelf provides free access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. A vital node in the data-rich resource network at NCBI, Bookshelf enables users to easily browse, retrieve, and read content, and spurs discovery of related information.


Resource ID #5a57b206ab922 General E-Books

57 | OAPEN:


The OAPEN Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to Open Access publishing of academic books. OAPEN provides a platform for the full text dissemination of Open Access books and provides services to publishers and libraries. OAPEN builds a quality controlled collection of Open Access books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences, and develops services for publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of dissemination, quality assurance and digital preservation.


Resource ID #5a57b206a7833 General E-Books

58 | Official website for Buganda Kingdom


Official website for Buganda Kingdom


Resource ID #5bd96b3dba5a3 Important Links

59 | Oil and Energy Trends :


A monthly publication of international energy statistics and analysis. Accessible through Willy on-line Library.


Resource ID #5a57b206b4272 General E-Journals

60 | Online Law Review/Journal


This free search engine searches the free full-text of over 400 online law reviews and law journals, as well as document repositories hosting academic papers and related publications such as Congressional Research Service reports. Several of the law reviews and legal journals (such as the Stanford Technology Law Review), working papers, and reports are available online only.


Resource ID #5a57b206ace6a General E-Journals

61 | Open Textbook Library


Open Text Book is a registry of textbooks and related materials which are open, that is free for anyone to use, reuse and redistribute.


Resource ID #5a57b206a863e General E-Books

62 | Optical Society of America (OSA) Journals


OSA Publishing's Digital Library offers the largest collection of peer-reviewed optics and photonics content. With more than 304,000 journal articles and conference proceedings from 640 conferences, OSA Publishing covers a breadth of disciplines including Optics and photonics, Applied optics, Applied Spectroscopy, Display technology, Light-wave technology, Optical communications and networking


Resource ID #5bd986dbc9eb7 Engineering E-Resources

63 | Oxford Open


LaSt. Lawrence Universityd in 2004, Oxford Open provides authors with open access options across 250 of our journals, spanning every subject area.


Resource ID #5a57b206ae01f General E-Journals

64 | Pakistan Research Repository


Pakistan Research Repository is a project of the Higher Education Commission to promote the international visibility of research originating out of institutes of higher education in Pakistan. The aim of this service is to maintain a digital archive of all PhD theses produced indigenously to promote the intellectual output of Pakistani institutions. It provides a free, single-entry access point to view the manuscript of research executed, and distribute this information as widely as possible.\r\n\r\nThe repository which is currently being populated with content has already made the full-text of PhD theses available in high-quality digitized format, whilst a further theses are in process of digitization. Higher Education Commission has introduced a systematic mechanism for the collection and digitization of all the theses produced so far in Pakistan\r\n


Resource ID #5a57b206b5263 General E-Books

65 | Practical Academic Librarianship


Peer-reviewed journal for librarians serving academic departments or affiliated institutions including centers, institutes, specialized collections, & special units within or related to academic units


Resource ID #5a57b206bc727 General E-Journals

66 | Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.


Resource ID #5a57b206a98c6 General E-Books

67 | Scientific Research Publishing


(SCIRP: is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has more than 200 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine.


Resource ID #5bd97fa84f1b8 Engineering E-Resources

68 | SciTech Connect


SciTech Connect is a portal to free, publicly-available DOE-sponsored R&D results including technical reports, bibliographic citations, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia and data information. SciTech Connect is a consolidation of two core DOE search engines, the Information Bridge and the Energy Citations Database. SciTech Connect incorporates all of the R&D information from these two products into one search interface. SciTech Connect was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to increase access to science, technology, and engineering research information from DOE and its predecessor agencies.


Resource ID #5a57b206bfd64 General E-Books

69 | SNV Biogas database


This library hosts an extensive choice of domestic biogas reports from around the world domestic biogas.


Resource ID #5a57b206c05b1 General E-Books

70 | Social Science Research Network (SSRN)


The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is an open access repository of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities. SSRN is composed of a number of specialized research networks including Economics, Financial Economics and Legal Scholarship. The SSRN eLibrary database contains abstracts for scholarly articles, working papers and forthcoming papers, as well as over 390,000 downloadable full-text documents. EUI working papers in Economics and Law are also included in the SSRN eLibrary.


Resource ID #5a57b206b6b37 General E-Books

71 | Source Book (EI)


Directed principally at policy makers in resource –rich developing countries, the Extractive Industries (EI) Source Book is intended as a guide to good-fit practice in the management of upstream oil, gas and mining sectors, across the entire EI value chain, from award of contracts to the expenditure of resource revenues.


Resource ID #5a57b206ac1f1 General E-Books

72 | South African Journal of Information Management


The South African Journal of Information Management explores the latest developments and trends in information and knowledge management to offer research that can be used to further the application of sound information and knowledge management practices.


Resource ID #5a57b206bc044 General E-Journals

73 | Springer Open


Journals in Engineering cover topics such as Concrete Engineering Technology, or Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Energy Industrial & Production Engineering Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Nanotechnology & Micro-engineering Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Signal Processing Transportation & Automotive Engineering to name a few.


Resource ID #5bd97d9a997eb Engineering E-Resources

74 | SpringerLink


This electronic collection includes most journals from volume 1, and all e-books from 2005 onward. It also includes many books in series and reference works. Fulltext content for Dalhousie is indicated by green boxes.


Resource ID #5a57b206b2c5f General E-Journals

75 | SpringerOpen


SpringerOpen gives you the opportunity to download open access journals in all areas of science. It makes it easier than ever for you to widen your readership, comply with open access mandates, retain copyright, and benefit from Springer's trusted brand.\r\n


Resource ID #5a57b206b9e80 General E-Journals

76 | Systems Science & Control Engineering


SSCE publishes the latest research in theoretical and applied systems science and control engineering. Indexed in Scopus, Ei Compendex, and the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)


Resource ID #5bd97576cc618 Engineering E-Resources

77 | The Digital Commons Network


The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, the Network includes a growing collection of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work.


Resource ID #5a57b206af6e3 General E-Journals

78 | The Online Books Page


The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all.


Resource ID #5a57b206ab054 General E-Books

79 | The Open Civil Engineering Journal


The Open Civil Engineering Journal is an Open Access online journal which publishes research articles, reviews, letters, and guest edited single topic issues in all areas of civil engineering. The Open Civil Engineering Journal, a peer-reviewed journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on developments in civil engineering. The topics covered in the journal include (but not limited to) concrete structures, construction materials, structural mechanics, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, offshore geotechnics, water resources, hydraulics, horology, coastal engineering, river engineering, ocean modeling, fluid-solid-structure interactions, offshore engineering, marine structures, constructional management and other civil engineering relevant areas.


Resource ID #5bd95fc10bede Engineering E-Resources

80 | The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)


The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) which was laSt. Lawrence Universityd in April 2012 is the official World Bank open access repository for its research outputs and knowledge products. It contains research from thousands of works including World Bank published books from 2009-2012; all World Development Reports (WDRs) since 1978; Policy Research Working Papers (PRWP) from 2009-2012; Economic and Sector Work (ESW) studies from 2009-2012; Journal articles from 2007-2010 published in World Bank Economic Review (WBER) and World Bank Research Observer (WBRO).


Resource ID #5a57b206b0d6d General E-Journals

81 | Uganda National Web Portal


The Uganda National Web Portal is designed, developed and maintained by the Office of the Prime Minsiter. The Portal’s main objective is to enable a one stop center interface for public services delivery in a transparent, easy and cost effective manner from various Public Institutions for the benefit of citizens, businesses, employees and other stakeholders, both within Uganda and abroad. The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various public institutions.


Resource ID #5a57b206b8995 Important Links

82 | Ugandan Universities Quality Assurance Forum (UUQAF)


UUQAF's goal is “To establish and maintain quality standards in Universities and other Degree Awarding Institutions in Uganda” by implementing a number of strategic actions, namely:\r\nBuilding the capacity of QA Officers of higher education institutions in Uganda; Developing QA Standard Operational Manuals to provide guidance to QA Officers in their practice; Promoting QA culture in higher education institutions through regular awareness workshops and meetings and Promoting research on QA matters in order to inform higher education managers and QA practitioners.\r\n Developing and maintaining a robust higher education QA information management system\r\n


Resource ID #5a57b206b8e4b Important Links

83 | ULII - Uganda Legal Information Institute


Free Access to Ugandan Law


Resource ID #5a57b206ad9da General E-Journals

84 | United Nations Treaty Collection


This is the United Nations Treaty Collection homepage. Here you will find related information and links. It offers a comprehensive database of international treaties and related information.


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85 | Virtual Library on Capacity Development


This Library Contains open access Online knowledge resources for capacity development


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86 | Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository


Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository: Sharing Scientific and Scholarly Research related to Agriculture, Food, and Environment.


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87 | Wiley Online Library:


Firmly established as the world's leading society publisher, Wiley offers an exceptional portfolio of over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals. Half of which are published in partnership with prestigious international scholarly and professional societies. Our titles cover the full spectrum of life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities, and include many titles ranked at the forefront of their field.


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88 | World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum publishes a comprehensive series of reports which examine in detail the broad range of global issues it seeks to address with stakeholders as part of its mission of improving the state of the world. Besides reports on its key events and standalone publications such as the Global Competitiveness Report, the Global Risks Report and the Global Gender Gap Report, the Forum produces landmark titles covering the environment, education, individual industries and technologies.


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89 | World Legal Information Institute


Free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law


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